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Yaeltex Factory

Yaeltex Factory  ·  Source: Yaeltex


The latest attempt at the design-your-own-MIDI-controller gambit is Yaeltex with a fabulously creative vibe and a magnificent range of options.



We’ve seen this approach before with the controllers from Tinami and also other modular approaches with products like Mine from Special Waves. All of them trying to offer a reconfiguring of the MIDI controller to match your specific needs. None of them has quite gone to the lengths or creativity of Yaeltex and they are just getting started.

Currently, they offer a range of possibilities that they will design into the perfect controller for you. There are knobs, sliders, pads, arcade-style joysticks and buttons wrapped up in multiple configurations and fronted by a printed front panel featuring whatever labels and artwork you desire.

Yaeltex custom

Yaeltex custom

These fabulous looking controllers are the result of a design consultation between Yaeltex and the customer. But they will soon be revealing version 2 which includes an online browser-based design tool (like the Tinami) they are calling The Factory which will allow you to completely design the layout of your dream MIDI controller.

V2 also includes RGB lighting for encoder rings and buttons.

All of this is coming online in June. Prices start from $300 for a smaller unit up to over $1000 for larger and more complex configurations. For more detail on what they have to offer check out the video below. Custom MIDI controllers have always been a good idea but they seem difficult to get to market. Yaeltex appears to offer the most complete and customisable solution I’ve seen to date and makes me wonder about what sort of controller I’d like to design.

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  1. Woulf says:

    I’m sure it’s great and it looks pretty fantastic but I can’t go to their website because of a security warning. ”Your connection is not secure” They might want to fix that!

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