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Waldorf Quantum 2.0

Waldorf Quantum 2.0  ·  Source: Waldorf

Waldorf Quantum

Waldorf Quantum  ·  Source: Waldorf

Waldorf Quantum

Waldorf Quantum  ·  Source: Waldorf

Waldorf’s hybrid uber-synth Quantum gets a big update including a whole new oscillator that blows open many possibilities.

Quantum 2.0

The new synthesis algorithm is called the Kernel oscillator and they describe it as an “oscillator construction kit”. The Kernel oscillator lets you combine up to six kernel operators in what can only be described as an FM configuration. But these operators can be anything from sine waves, through wavetables to noise. So you can combine all sorts of waveforms into this single Kernel oscillator which makes it far more versatile than just FM synthesis.

You can edit all the kernels within the Kernel oscillator down to all of their parameters. You can patch them into algorithms with up to three modulation inputs for each kernel. They have individual decay stage envelopes, phase control, pitch modes and level scaling. The modulation possibilities are many starting with audio rate modulation between kernels and the a six-slot matrix control over the five macro parameters you can create for each kernel.

Waldorf Quantum Kernel

Waldorf Quantum Kernel


All of that plus it can handle good old fashioned FM presets.

There is a whole page of other improvements in this update including better display modes on the vegetables, better sample editing, filter panning, better patch management and support for external USB storage.

Current owners of the Quantum can download the update for free. Or if you’d like to pick one up then you’ll need to find £3,699.

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