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Plug-in developers are letting go of the past in the coolest of ways. Last week, Audio Damage gave away 33 legacy plug-ins and some of these still lay it on thick (looking at you, Filterstation and Kombinat). ToneBoosters, a developer I admire for its useful and affordable plug-ins, followed up with the release of 23 legacy plugins (TB v3) for 64-bit Windows and macOS. Here’s what you’re able to get right now…


ToneBoosters Legacy plug-ins (free)

Developer ToneBoosters is giving away 23 of its legacy (v3) plugins for free. ToneBoosters offers a great variety of plug-ins, but the legacy collection homes in on traditional studio effects like EQs, compressors, tape, reverb, and so on. These are good enough to replace the majority of any modern DAW’s stock plug-ins, all for free. The plug-ins come in a single installer, which contains the following products (no authorization required):

  • Barricade – true peak-limiter
  • Broadcast – multi-band compressor
  • BusCompressor – all-around dynamics processor
  • Compressor – versatile dynamic range compressor
  • DeEsser – low-end friendly de-esser
  • Dither – bit depth modifier
  • EBUCompact & EBULoudness – stereo and multi-channel loudness measurement tools
  • Equalizer – a versatile equalizer with a wide variety of filter prototypes and channel modes
  • Evoke – multi-fx consisting of an integrated DC/rumble filter, smart gate, transparent compressor, multi-band de-esser and exciter
  • EZQ – equalizer
  • Ferox – tape simulator
  • FIX4 – EQ and dynamics processing with external side chain option
  • FIX – same but without the side chain option
  • Gate – simple and functional gate
  • Isone – headphone listening and mixing plug-in
  • MidSideTransformer – mid-side tool
  • Module – feedback and modulation multi-effects including panning, delay, filters, and sound-field rotation
  • ReelBus – analog tape recording simulator
  • Reverb – versatile room acoustic simulation and reverberation algorithm
  • Sibalance – de-esser plug-in
  • Time Machine – simulates the effect of A/D and D/A aliasing, re-sampling, and bit reduction
  • Voice Pitcher – simple, but effective pitch-shifter

Download information

ToneBoosters v3 Legacy plug-ins are available in 64-bit VST2 and AU formats for macOS and Windows. To get them, download the Legacy (v3) plug-in installer (64-bits) from this page. And pour one out for ToneBoosters while checking out the rest of their catalog if you haven’t.


ToneBoosters Legacy plug-ins

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2 responses to “ToneBoosters gives away 23 legacy plug-ins (v3)”

    bart rijnink says:

    Weird, because the first plugin I open after installing asks me for authorization….?

    Michael Boelter says:

    Love the plugins, thanks. Mix raft user for years and love it. Like the previous comment, all of them keep asking for authorization and I choose Dom mode. Am I missing something?

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