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SP-2400  ·  Source: MatrixSynth


SP-2400  ·  Source: Matrixsynth

A 3D rendered image of a PCB has emerged on the internet that appears to show the development of what could possibly be a sampler. The “SP-2400” label suggests that it could be based upon the Emu SP-1200 desktop sampler released in 1987.


There’s no information of where this image originated or that it has anything to do with Behringer. But, you’ve kind of got to assume that it is, right?

So, what can we gather from the image? Well, there appears to be active EQ on channels 3-8 and filters for channels 1 and 2. There are 11 jack sockets which we can assume consist of 8 outputs and a stereo input, but what’s the other jack for? Probably a mix output? It has MIDI in/out/thru, USB and MicroSD slot, filter controls and such like.

Comments online sway between excitement, curiosity and calling it as a fake. And what does the name tell us? If it was Behringer then it would more likely be called “BP-1200” if they were cloning the Emu. Does SP-2400 mean it’s two SP-1200’s in one box? The “1200” actually refers to the 12-bit bit-depth of the sampler and so would “2400” mean it’s 24-bit? But most of the charm and character of the SP-1200 comes from the low bit depth and 26.04kHz sample rate so it would seem odd to ruin that.

I’ve always found it interesting that ever since Behringer released the DeepMind 12 the section on their website where it lives is called “Synthesizers and Samplers” and yet they’ve never produced a sampler.

We’re just going to have to wait and see.

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