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Buchla Source of Uncertainty

Buchla Source of Uncertainty  ·  Source: Buchla Source of Uncertainty


Buchla USA and Roman Filippov of Black Corporation collaborate on reissues of classic Buchla 200 modules through the new Source of Uncertainty store.

Source of Uncertainty

Mr Filippov has been building Buchla modules for many years. He’s been the force behind much of Buchla’s modular output and is probably responsible for keeping them afloat during several years of uncertainty. But more recently, Buchla has regained its focus with new Music Easels, the Tiptop Audio pivot into Eurorack and now a solid supply of classic 200 series modules.

The new Source of Uncertainty store brings that focus purely upon the modules. It already has a selection of classic modules in stock and ready to go. There’s the Model 258 Dual Oscillator, Model 281 Quad Function Generator, Model 207 Mixer/Preamp, Model 292c Lopass Gate, Model 266 Source of Uncertainty and many more.

To kickstart the store, there are a handful of new reissues:

Programmable Waveform Generator Model 259

A dual-core complex oscillator module that’s been redesigned to range up to 10 octaves. It has all analogue timbral circuitry with full voltage control of the pitch, amplitude and octave range. It has three waveshapes on the modulation oscillator with separate sine and square wave outputs. You can lock the phase, modulate the amplitude, timbre and frequency and mess around with the harmonic symmetry.

This stunningly chunky module will be available in March for £1,205.


Programmable Spectral Processor Model 296

The extraordinary Model 296 filter bank returns for some serious real-time filtering performance. You can use it for EQ, for nailing harmonics, boosting timbres, vocoding, comb filtering or getting sophisticated with bandpass filters. The 16 filter bands feed into 16 VCAs and generates envelopes on every channel.

It’s probably the finest spectral processing module ever created. It will be available in March for £1,446.

Compound Touch Controlled Voltage Source Model 219

Perhaps the most iconic reissue is the eye-catching touch controller keyboard. Very few of the Model 219 were ever made but a smaller version was carried into the Music Easel, where it gained its legendary status.

Here, we have a four-octave range with 38 outputs for dense and diverse expressive control. It’s capable of up to four-voice polyphony and has additional pressure pads for more expressive control. You can also tune the individual keys of one of the octaves. It has modern joysticks for XY modulation and also a MIDI output for running it into other gear.

The Model 219 will be available by the end of February for £2,008.

Roman hopes to have a whole range of modules available by the end of the year, including various classic Buchla case options.

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Buchla Source of Uncertainty

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