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Beautiful Pads  ·  Source:

Beautiful Pads Kontakt instrument  ·  Source: Robin Vincent

Output’s latest expansion release for their original reversing Kontakt Instrument REV is a selection of sublime pads, ranging “from airy and delicate to warm and pure”. Named simply “Beautiful Pads” it expands REV with 125 presets bringing the number of available sound expansions up to seven. Output have created quite a unique sound with their range of strangely processed instruments. When REV first arrived in 2014 it was a revelation to me, it sort of matched the sound design I’d been working on manually for years. I’d spend an inordinate amount of time reversing and processing samples and recordings and here was something that took it to entirely different level – as well as saving me an awful lot of time.

REV is probably the least featured of their instrument range, the controls and editing being mostly about the effects engine. But you do have access to stuttering parameters over both pitch and volume as well as sample start points and whether they sample is running forwards or backwards. Each patch is made up of two layers of samples and each layer can be edited, processed and controlled separately through the filter, envelope and effects section. REV doesn’t only contain instruments as it also has a large selection of cleverly designed reversed loops and rises which can easily add a dramatic build to a track; sadly, Beautiful Pads doesn’t add anything to these sections.

Beautiful Pads is available now for 35 USD from their website and you need to own REV to use it.

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