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LEAK Squier Paranormal Series NAMM 2020

LEAK Squier Paranormal Series NAMM 2020  ·  Source: offsetguitar


The new Squier Paranormal Series has leaked all over guitar forums, as Guitar Centre in the USA accidentally let the cat out of the bad too soon this week.



The new Squier Paranormal Series of guitars were leaked all over the Offset Guitar forum, as well as The Gear Page before being pulled last night. It looks as though Guitar Centre has taken them all down now, but not before we we were able to grab a few screenshots and images.

Squier Paranormal Series

This new series from Squier includes a Cyclone II, Toronado, Supersonic, Baritone P90 Cabronita , Thinline Cabronita with Jazz pickups, Offset Tele and a ’54 Jazz Bass. Although, as with any online leak, there could be more models in the range we haven’t seen yet.

Squier Paranormal Series Baritone P90 Cabronita leak

Squier Paranormal Series Baritone P90 Cabronita leak on TGP forum

As you can see in the pic above, prices for the Baritone P90 Cabronita are listed as $399.99 which I think is great for what looks like a really cool guitar. And the Super Sonic at $349.99 is, again, more than reasonably priced  for such a nice looking retro guitar.

Squier Paranormal Series Supersonic

Squier Paranormal Series Supersonic leaked

Hot Leak

Below you can see pics of the other models before they were removed. I’m guessing that all the other models in the Squier Paranormal Series will be priced similarly.

I’ll be sharing more information as soon as it becomes available. For now, the leaked models includes:

  • Paranormal Series Toronado – Black and Lake Placid Blue
  • Paranormal Series Cabronita Thinline with Jazzmaster pickups – Fiesta Red & Olympic White
  • Paranormal Series Cabronita Baritone – Black
  • Paranormal Series Offset Tele – Natural & Surf Green
  • Paranormal Series Super Sonic – Ice Blue Metallic & Graphite Metallic
  • Paranormal Series Cyclone II – Shell Pink & Daphne Blue
  • Mini HH Jazzmaster in Daphne Blue, Surf Green, and Olympic White

Baritone P90 Cabronita & Cabronita Thinline



Offset Tele

Cyclone II

’54 Jazz Bass

More Information

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by Jef

6 responses to “NAMM 2020: LEAK! Squier Paranormal Series”

  1. Murz says:

    These are all really cool! I hope they do the 54 jazz bass in a lefty.. ?

  2. A. Nuss says:

    Really shit of Fender to no roll these out at Namm this year. Squier is one of their strongest monikers and they gave the brand zero floor space. I’m happy they’re coming, but the waiting makes zero sense.

  3. mkt3000 says:

    credit for the screenshots?

  4. Danny H says:

    I mean, Fender never really give a shit about lefty players, these interesting styles are never made available, but the Super Sonic is literally a left handed guitar routed to be right handed. Talk about taking the piss.

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