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Analogue Solutions protoype

Analogue Solutions protoype  ·  Source:

An image of what appears to be a desktop synthesizer flew across my desk today. Allegedly it’s something made by Analogue Solutions. With most leaked photos you’d get at least a few labelled knobs, logos or names but this is completely without text. All we have is a metal case and some knobs.

The knobs appear to be in three sections, a group to the left and right and then those 16 transparent ones looking very much like a sequencer. Analogue Solutions has a habit of creating upright synths so the device in the photo might be in the wrong orientation. If you consider the Fusebox for instance (and I like the new black version).

Analogue Solutions Fusebox

Analogue Solutions Fusebox

Using the Fusebox as a guide the knobs nearest the camera do follow the oscillator section quite well. The buttons beneath the patch sockets could well be Play and Stop. There are none of the rocker switches found on both the Fusebox and the Generator sequencer though.

I know that Tom from Analogue Solution is working on a lot of new products. Will we get to see this at NAMM in a couple of weeks or is this still too much of a prototype to show? We shall see. Anything new from Analogue Solutions is an exciting event.

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  • Analogue Solutions website.

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