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Mesa Boogie Mark VII

Mesa Boogie Mark VII  ·  Source: Mesa Boogie


The Mesa Boogie Mark VII is the new number one all-tube amplifier for the US company. This amp is full of features and can operate at 90, 45 and 25-watt power outputs. And it comes in multiple formats, making it potentially perfect for all scenarios.


Mark VII

This new Mesa Boogie Mark VII is packed with features and includes 21 controls on the front panel alone. The latest flagship amp of the company is designed to be flexible and to handle many situations. It also encompasses tones from the Mark IIB, IIC and IV.


Versatile All-tube amp head

Full tube, 90.45 and 25 watts

The Mark VII works at 90 watts via four 6L6. In addition, there are five 12AX7 in the preamp stage. Optionally, the BIAS can be switched to EL34 (Fixed Bias) via a toggle switch, so it is pretty flexible tone wise. The power amplifier can also be operated with 45 and 25 watts thanks to the built-in attenuator. For quiet practice, there is an adjustable headphone output on the back as well.

Mesa Boogie Mark VII

Rear panel

3 channels, 9 modes

The Mark VII has 3 channels. These are each equipped with 6 controls: 3-band EQ, Gain, Master and Presence. In addition, there are different toggle switches:

  • Channel 1: Clean/Fat/Crunch, EQ/0FS, 90/45/25W
  • Channel 2: Fat/Crunch/MKVII, EQ/0FS, 90/45/25W
  • Channel 3: MKIIB/IIC/MKIV, EQ/0FS, 90/45/25W

Thus, this amp can be set and used extremely flexibly. Especially the third channel with circuits or tones from Mark IIB, Mark IIC and Mark IV .

Reverb, Graphic EQ

In addition to the controls for the channels, the Mesa Boogie Mark VII offers a  5-band graphic EQ. Additionally, you’ll find individual reverb controls for each channel; a classic Mesa Boogie touch!

Mesa Boogie Mark VII

Rackmount Head

Back: CabClone, FX Loop, MIDI and MESA

At the back are the connections for the cabinets, line out, headphone out, FX loop, MIDI in and thru/out, MIDI channel switch, MESA (for the foot switch) and selectable CabClone Box (9 presets) separately for each channel.

Mesa Boogie Mark VII Combo

Mesa Boogie Mark VII Combo

Head, Rack or Combo

The amp can be ordered as a straight-up head, a 19″ rack mount head or as a single 12″ speaker combo. The latter comes with a Celestion Custom 90 speaker rated at 8 ohms.

MSRP Head USD 3499, Rack USD 3499 and  Combo USD 3799

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Mesa Boogie Mark VII

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5 responses to “Mesa Boogie Mark VII: A new flagship amp from the USA”

    SA says:

    Awesome! It’s the whole kitchen sink and sounds great.
    I bought my Mesa Lonestar about 15 years ago and it’s never had a single issue.

      Jef says:

      I had my reverb tank changed out under warranty three times on my Lonestar Special 2×12 and so I guess it will be varying with some issues.

    pfrf says:

    I had a Mesa Boogie Mark V back in the day. I spent two years saving for it, I bought it direct. The reverb tank came crashing down the first chord I ever played through it. The amp never worked. Mesa wouldn’t honor their warranty, they never answered my letters or phone calls. I hate Mesa Boogie, I wish them nothing but hard times and poor sales.

      Jef says:

      I have heard a few horror stories about Mesa returns. The UK distributer was very good to be fair, and so they fixed all my issues with the reverb tank. It was just annoying that it kept happening. Also, their own brand tubes aren’t always great, even with the fixed bias. As I blew loads of EL84 power output tubes whilst gigging that particular amp. I always carried a set of spares, as it blew them every few months.

    Joe vida says:

    wow that is a nice version of the amps

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