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MAAT has introduced the 2BC multiCORR, a multiband correlation meter plug-in. MAAT 2BC multiCORR  measures correlation and mono-compatibility across 31 frequency bands. It’s a kind of magnifying glass for identifying problems with the mono-compatibility of a mix.


MAAT’s newest release 2BC multiCORR expands on the company’s free 2BusControl metering and monitoring plug-in. While 2BusControl includes a traditional single-band correlation meter, 2BC multiCORR measures and displays correlation across 31 frequency bands. MAAT says that this can help you identify problem areas that would not be detected by a single-band meter. According to MAAT, strongly correlated, prominent signals like a mono bass drum and bass can otherwise cover up problems in other frequency ranges. The 2BC multiCORR is designed to let you zero in on such issues.

According to MAAT, mono compatibility is more relevant than ever, with the rise of small, single-point playback devices like smart speakers. And I think there is some truth in that, whether we like it or not…

Multiband correlation meter with 31 frequency bands

The GUI is straight-forward and visually resembles a multiband analyzer. At the top, there’s a traditional correlation meter for quick reference. The plug-in can be collapsed to show just this, if you’re short on screen real estate. Open up the detailed view, and you’ll see the 31 bands, whose center frequencies have been “carefully chosen”, according to MAAT. The correlation is displayed on a linear scale (as opposed to a cosine scale), which MAAT claims “better matches your perception”. Below the multiband correlation display, 2BC multiCORR also has a stereo balance meter.

Monitoring switches

You can open up another section at the bottom, which contains the same row of monitor selector switches as 2BusControl. These let you listen to the left and right channels only, or switch to mono (L+R) or difference (L-R). There is also a flip button that swaps left and right. Quick access to these essential monitoring options is definitely a good thing.

Compatibility and price

MAAT 2BC multiCORR is available for Windows and macOS as a VST2, VST3, AAX, and AU plug-in. There is also a standalone version.

After raising some eyebrows by charging almost 1000 bucks for a single EQ plug-in last year, MAAT has made the 2BC multiCORR available at a much more civil price. The introductory offer is USD 24, the regular price will be USD 49. A trial version is available.

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