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Wavestate 2.0

Wavestate 2.0  ·  Source: Korg

Wavestate Editor

Wavestate Editor  ·  Source: Korg


Korg finally releases the long-awaited editor/librarian for the Wavestate synthesizer along with sample import, Sample Building and a bunch of other stuff.


Wavestate 2.0

Users have been grumbling about the lack of an editor for the Wavestate ever since it was released – Korg said they were working on a librarian but apparently they never promised a full-blown editor, although these things often appear together. Then the Modwave came out with both a working Editor and the loading of your own wavetables and Wavestate owners were threatening to riot, or at least voice their annoyance on the internet. However, the wait is over, the software editor and librarian we’ve been waiting for it here and it comes with the ability to build and load your own sample instruments – that’s awesome!

Sample Builder

Korg has opened up the entire memory system to you letting you load up to 4GB of your own sample content. The Sample Builder app lets you drag and drop samples onto a keyboard for mapping and layering of your multisample instrument. The software lets you trim the start and end points and set up one-shot or looped functions.

The Sample Builder looks simple, clear, and effective. You can use your samples in Wave Sequences or as multisampled instruments.


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Editor Librarian

The Editor gives you a full-screen visual representation of all the parameters that are squirrelled away on the Wavestate. You get visual feedback on modulations and a great overview of what’s going on. Probably the best feature is the way you can now see how the motion sequencing works and get into editing it in a more comprehensive way.

The Librarian lets you organise and save your patches so you don’t have to worry about overwriting something important.

Wavestate Editor

Wavestate Editor

Other updates

Korg has also implemented a bunch of other bug fixes, improvements and user requests. You can now Hold a performance when the arpeggiator is off letting you apply changes with both hands while it continues to play. They also added categories that can be selected via the sequencer buttons which makes browsing through the presets much much quicker.

You’ll also find improvements to the filters and an added Curve parameter on the Vector synthesis.

Available now

All great stuff that’s going to please all the Wavestate users out there. Now it’s the turn of the Modwave owners to riot until they get their own Sample Builder.

The software is available for macOS and Windows and the free update can be downloaded from the Korg website.

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Wavestate 2.0

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3 responses to “Korg Wavestate gets sample import in 2.0 firmware update”

    robert james says:

    Amazing but now we need a rackmount version!
    The trend of not making Rackmount gear is one of the MOST annoying, will it ever end?

    VengTheVader says:

    I don’t have any of these cool new Korg synths yet, but I would just like to take the time to pre-moan at them 🙂 and add sample import (1cycle will do) into the OPSix 🙂 then it’ll certainly be an instabuy for me! Would imagine I could pretty much port most of my SY77/99 sounds over with this ability. Would be even more cool with something like the sample drawing from the DSS-1 directly on all of these synths.

    SF will never die, possibly..... says:

    Be nice if Korg were to make a soundfont convertor that made multi-sample presets for these newer synths. Roland made a convertor for the Fantom 6, meaning you can convert any old soundfont (multi sample patches, drums, dialogue etc) and use them in the Fantom. Seems like a great idea to me…..

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