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The internet has gone bonkers over some leaked images of a so far unofficial new Korg synth called the minilogue. The images first surfaced on Instagram, then picked up by Gearslutz (via a Russian forum and French synth site) and have since spun around the world along with discussion about what it all could mean. The official unofficial description doing the rounds on the Net right now is as follows (all, er, irregularities in terms of spelling and grammar are in the original text):

KORG Minilogue – is a fully programmable, 4-voice polyphonic synthesizer, is also equipped with built-in reverb and delay effects. KORG company offers the best way to get acquainted with a unique, stunning features of the analog synthesizer. Synthesizer has a unique analog engine, quick access to the 100 factory 100 user presets, 8 voice modes to create its configuration of 4 notes – unison, polyphony, and so on. The front panel 41 of the controller to configure and quick change function, the oscilloscope in real time gives a visual check of sound, 16-step sequencer with automation polyphonic up to 4 parameters synthesizer and more.

For switching visible plugs Sync In and Sync Out to work with synthesizers lines and Electribe Volca.

It should be noted that the presented model has a better price, and opportunities compared to competing models. Synthesizer fully programmable, has a high sound quality, control over harmonics waveform changes, the use of cross modulation, and more. The possibility of using a 16-step sequencer with recording automation options. Polyphonic Synthesizer KORG Minilogue will be an excellent acquisition and profitable investment for keyboard players, professional and amateur musicians.

There are a lot of rumours flying and speculation over the function of all the knobs and the nature of the synthesis. All we know is that it looks awesome, the little oscilloscope display is to die for and the price is guessed at around 500 USD. We’re only 10 days from NAMM, when all will be revealed.

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