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E-Phonic Invader 2

E-Phonic Invader 2  ·  Source: E-Phonic

Invader 2 has 8 voices, looks like a synthesizer is supposed to look and sounds like one too. Pay what you want? Bring on the invasion.

Invader 2

Borrowing its style from a few famous synthesizers Invader 2 is very easy on the eye and puts everything out there for you. Every parameter has a knob or a slider and you already know what they all do. There are no fancy waveform jiggery-pokery or matrix modulation shenanigans it’s a straightforward, no-nonsense, let’s get at it then, synthesizer.

Sounds all right too!

Invader 2 has 2 oscillators and a sub per voice with polyphonic stereo unison. There are 2 low pass filter types with overdrive or a high-pass option. You can blend in some noise, you can mess around with Ring Modulation, there are 2 envelopes and 2 LFOs with delay – all the good stuff.

It has an arpeggiator and 16-step sequencer built-in and you get a useful delay effect.

The presets are great, you can run it at high and medium levels of quality depending on your CPU and it will work as a VST3 plugin for Windows or AU for macOS. Give them a fiver and it’s yours; can’t got far wrong really.

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