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DarkGlass 700 watt bass head Finland

DarkGlass 700 watt head. Rear Panel  ·  Source:

DarkGlass 700 watt bass head Finland

New Finnish DarkGlass Class-D 700 watt head  ·  Source:

DarkGlass 700 watt bass head Finland

New Finnish DarkGlass Class-D 700 watt head alongside a few of their pedals. See I told you it was small.  ·  Source:

Finnish company DarkGlass have announced a new 700 Watt Class-D bass amp head in a small compact unit. The company are known for making pedals and this is a new product category for them. No release date or pricing have been confirmed as yet. The company had a prototype at this year’s NAMM Show.

The amp head has a very small footprint which will appeal to a lot of gigging musicians and the layout has a very minimalist look to it also. The front panel controls consist of Clean channel with Master, Treble Hi Mid, Low Mid (each has a three position frequency switch) and Bass. The Drive Channel adds of Drive, Tone and Blend. The Drive is based on their B3K and Vintage MicroTubes voiced pedals and the Tone control adds in more higher frequencies to the Drive Channel and last the Blend is used to add in some of the Clean Channel.

The back of the unit has Speakon, XLR DI outputs and footswitch input.

So spec is interesting as the idea of having some of the DarkGlass pedal’s tones built in could be useful and the ability to blend in the Clean Channel with the Drive Channel makes sense, as you can often lose definition with too much drive. So hopefully this feature will help alleviate that.

There have been some positive discussion about this new product over at TalkBass Forum and on the company’s Facebook page as well. So could be one to watch, if you like small bass heads and obviously like a more driven bass tone. As the company is not known for making bass heads, I imagine we will have to wait till they go into full production and finally announce that RRP before we can really form any opinions.


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