D16 Group Repeater

D16 Repeater – the ultimate delay plug-in?

03 Oct 2016 · A dual delay featuring 23 vintage models is announced as a collaboration between D16 and Slate Digital. Is the Repeater every delay you ever wanted or do you just have a bad case of wind?
iZotope Neutron - certainly not auto-mixing

iZotope invent Auto-Mix with Neutron (almost!)

29 Sep 2016 · Neutron will suggest EQ nodes, recommend compression thresholds, saturation types and carve out sonic spaces for automatically detected instruments - but it's certainly not auto-mixing
Touch Innovations Kontrol Master

Kontrol Master by Touch Innovations finally ships

27 Sep 2016 · In an unexpected eureka moment I finally understand what the Kontrol Master is trying to do. Let me have a go at explaining what Touch Innovations seem unable to get across and it's actually quite good.
Mixvibes Remixlive for Windows

Mixvibes introduces Remixlive for Windows

26 Sep 2016 · That's something you don't see every day - a port of an iOS app to Windows. Remixlive brings it's sample looping performance magic to Windows with or without touch.