Touch Innovations Kontrol Master

Kontrol Master by Touch Innovations finally ships

27 Sep 2016 · In an unexpected eureka moment I finally understand what the Kontrol Master is trying to do. Let me have a go at explaining what Touch Innovations seem unable to get across and it's actually quite good.
Mixvibes Remixlive for Windows

Mixvibes introduces Remixlive for Windows

26 Sep 2016 · That's something you don't see every day - a port of an iOS app to Windows. Remixlive brings it's sample looping performance magic to Windows with or without touch.
Cubasis 2 Channel Strip

Cubasis 2 appears in the iTunes Store

22 Sep 2016 · Cubasis 2 has appeared on iTunes and there's a video on YouTube.... so it must be out! Steinberg are catching up and we've got the full scoop right here.
Waves Subscription Plans

Waves bring in subscription plans

21 Sep 2016 · Another plug-in manufacturer joins the subscription party! Now it's Waves' turn, but with only two plans on offer are they catering for everyone?
Expert Sleeper ES-8 USB Audio Interface

ES-8 USB Audio Interface for Eurorack

19 Sep 2016 · Expert Sleepers are releasing a 12in 16out USB audio interface in a Eurorack module. The ES-8 will be released on the 1st October at Synthfest.