Top 5 Best Condenser Microphones 2017

26 Dec 2017 · 2017 saw microphone manufacturers of all sizes introducing new condensers of wildly different prices. The trend, though, is towards technology growing more affordable. Here are our top 5 favorite condenser ...

Top 5 best studio and creative effect plug-ins

23 Dec 2017 · As 2017 nears its end, it's time to round up Gearnews' top 5 favorite plug-ins for this year. Putting this list together was difficult, for the past 12 months saw so many awesome releases!

The iMac Pro – for the style professional

14 Dec 2017 · Apple has opened pre-orders on the new iMac Pro. Take it up to 18 Cores and 128GB of RAM and expect to part with over $15,000. And you need to aim high because you can't upgrade it later.
RME planning AVB Dante interface

Is RME planning a new Dante or AVB interface?

10 Dec 2017 · RME have tweeted about a new product due to be announced on 14 December - could it be a new product using AVB technbology, as hinted at IES 2017? Or is this something completely new?