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Behringer Model D warp

Behringer Model D warp  ·  Source: Behringer

Behringer hits us with a weird and actually quite funny video that suggests something might be happening to the Model D.

Warp Drive

Check this out:

So what do you make of it? I love how the people at Behringer are completely happy to take the piss out of themselves and echo some of the sentiments you hear on the internet. So 10 out of 10 for humour and humanity. But what about this warp drive? Obviously there’s nothing in the Model D case because people have already taken it apart and racked it up. But could they be suggesting that there’s a new version coming or some kind of enhancement? Could it be a polyphonic version, or perhaps a Moog inspired overdrive pedal? Maybe it’s a stand for connecting a number of Model Ds together. The use of the word “morphing” is interesting….

What do you think? Are we past caring?

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Josef Goebbels
7 months ago

Leave the propaganda to me, if you want memory moog make a memory moog