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Tech 21 SansAmp Character Plus

Tech 21 SansAmp Character Plus  ·  Source: Instagram/Tech 21


Tech 21 SansAmp Character Plus pedals combine four classic guitar amps and stompboxes to create a portable all-in-one solution for the guitar player on the go. With Screaming Blonde, English Muffy, Fuzzy Brit and Mop Top Liverpool pedals available on launch.


SansAmp Character Plus

These SansAmp Character Plus pedals consist of  Screaming Blonde, English Muffy, Fuzzy Brit and the Mop Top Liverpool. All of the pedals in this lineup consist of the amp emulations from the original Tech 21 Character series. Just now they are combined with a well-known effect pedal as well.

SansAmp Character Plus

Two-channel amp plus stompbox

Below are there four combinations on offer:

  • Screaming Blonde – Fender-style amp with Tube Screamer-style pedal
  • English Muffy- HiWatt-style amp with Big Muff-style pedal
  • Fuzzy Brit – Marshall-style amp with Fuzz Face-style pedal
  • Mop Top Liverpool –Vox-style amp with Rangemaster Booster-style pedal


Each pedal is a two-channel amp emulation with a pedal side that can be engaged separately, or alongside, the amp side. They each have Volume, Drive  Character and a three-band EQ. The Character controls for the A and B channels are independent, so you can set up two variations of an amp. For example, with the Fuzzy Brit, it starts at Bluesbreaker/JTM45-style, then goes through a Plexi style around the 12 o’clock point and finally progresses into a ‘70s style Marshall at the highest setting.

Screaming Blonde

Screaming Blonde


Each pedal comes with a 1/4” jack in and out, plus a balanced XLR output. The format is nice and compact, so if you find one with the right combination of amp and pedal for you. Then these could be a great way to travel light and get great tones. All the designs are 100% analogue throughout.

I guess we should hear more about these during NAMM 2022 and I would expect them to start shipping sometime after that.

MSRP – USD 279 each

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2 responses to “Tech 21 SansAmp Character Plus: Classic amps and pedals combined”

  1. Tom Blaze says:

    Why not add mod fx/delay/reverb for like $50 more…. These lose their all in one appeal as they stand

    • Jef says:

      I think it makes them more useful without all those extra effects. I wouldn’t want or need more effects, as like most players I already have plenty. But, I can see your point for wanting them.

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