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LoopLords Modalities

LoopLords Modalities rings true to the Depeche Mode sound.  ·  Source:

What is Modalities? First things first, it’s a ROMpler! Didn’t these die out in the 90s, suffocating under the weight of countless cheesy presets? They sure did, but tell you what – fast computers made synth developers mad with power. Too many seem to be trying to out-innovate competitors with over-complicated, labyrinthine soft synths that showcase their R&D’s potency and offer limitless possibilities. Yet, all they do is leave users perplexed and make sound design a chore.


In such a climate, a ROMpler’s straightforwardness and simplicity feels so refreshing! Here’s a bunch of great stock sounds with a particular vibe, add some effects to make them fit your song and go for lunch. This isn’t taking the easy way out or anything, just an option for getting a hold of more cool material to experiment with.

With this into account, welcome LoopLords’ Modalities to the fold. It’s a super no-frills ROMpler, filled to the brim with synth sounds inspired by good ol’ Depeche Mode. Say what you want about the band, but we can all agree the synth work across their discography is impeccable! If you struggle with getting your synths in the same ballpark, or just want to fool around with moody New Wave-ish sounds, you are going to have gobs of fun with the plug-in.

Modalities comes loaded with 162 multi-sampled sounds, making for 8GB of content. You can personalize them a bit with the built-in ADSR envelope, room reverb, and mono/poly selector. Of course, these are rudimentary effects thrown in for good measure. The real good stuff are the presets. LoopLords isn’t joking about the Depeche Mode vibe – browsing the library of sounds does feel like listening to tapes of unreleased DM material.

Modalities is sold for $29 and is available in 32/64-bit VST and AU formats for Windows and Mac. There’s no demo, but you can listen to some of the presets on LoopLords’ embedded SoundCloud player. More information is available here.


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