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Leak- Fender Player Plus Series

Leak- Fender Player Plus Series  ·  Source: Esse Music

Leak- Fender Player Plus Series

Leak- Fender Player Plus Series  ·  Source: Esse Music

Hot news for Fender fans! Fender is planning new Player Plus models with some cool specs and eye-catching finishes. The leaked models appeared on online shops in Europe – before being hastily removed. Made in Mexico, the new models include both guitars and basses, and are priced attractively. Let’s dive in!

Leak: Fender Player Plus Series

The new Fender Player Plus Series comprises the usual suspects. The range includes Nashville Telecaster, Stratocaster (one with an HSS configuration), Telecaster, Precision Bass and Jazz Bass models, and they all come in at around €990/GBP 899/US 911 each, or thereabouts.

Leak- Fender Player Plus Series

Leak- Fender Player Plus Series


All models feature Player Plus Noiseless pickups (with active electronics for the bass models), locking short post tuners on the guitars, and either maple or Pau Ferro fingerboards across the range. You can also expect alder bodies and smooth satin finish maple necks with a 12″ radius.

Fender Player Plus Series Cosmic Jade HSS layout

Cosmic Jade Stratocaster with HSS layout

New range, new colours

My favourite part of the series are the new colour options. The new range will come in Tequila Sunrise, Cosmic Jade, Silver Smoke, Aged Candy Apple Red, Olympic Pearl, Opal Spark, 3-Color Sunburst and Butterscotch finishes.

Leak- Fender Player Plus Series new basses spotted as well

Leak- New basses spotted as well

The HSS Player Plus Series Cosmic Jade Stratocaster reminds me a lot of the Eric Clapton 7-Up model from a few years ago, due to its similar shade of green. Also, it’s nice to see those Nashville Telecaster models there, as the extra pickup is fun. There are some nice colour choices here as well, including an Aged Candy Apple Red finish.

Player Plus Nashville Telecaster, Pau Ferro Fingerboard, Aged Candy Apple Red

Nashville Telecaster with Pau Ferro Fingerboard in Aged Candy Apple Red

Jazz Bass and Precision Bass

The basses in the series include the classics, a Player Plus Jazz Bass and Player Plus Precision Bass. Both models have Fender’s HiMass bridge, noiseless pickups and comprehensive active electronics with Volume, Pan, Treble Boost/Cut, Midrange Boost/Cut, and Bass Boost/Cut controls.

Jazz Bass & Precision Bass of the Player Plus Series

Jazz Bass & Precision Bass


I spotted these new models on some official European Fender dealer sites, and also on being listed by UK dealers. If you are quick, you may spot them on Google yourself. However, I also reckon it’s only a matter of time before Fender will try and get the listings  pulled down!

Fender Player Plus Nashville Telecaster

Nashville Telecaster in 3- Colour Sunburst

Fender Player Plus Stratocaster - Tequila Sunrise : Maple

Stratocaster in Tequila Sunrise finish

There are no details as yet on the main Fender website, so we might have to wait a while before these models are officially announced.

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by Jef

7 responses to “Leak: New Fender Player Plus Series with Noiseless pickups spotted online!”

  1. JP says:

    Well the uncropped screen shots are a nice way of naming and shaming other retailers (i.e. dropping them in the muck with Fender).
    Would you have done it if it was Thomann (and their cheap ‘n’ nasty Harley Benton tat that you wax so lyrical about)? Hmmm…

    • Angus says:

      Hi JP! Well, seeing as Harley Benton is Thomann’s inhouse brand, there’s not going to be any leaks on any other retailers websites 😀 And while we definitely don’t want to get anyone into trouble, all you have to do is Google the product names, so even if we’d cropped them, Fender will, of course, find out anyhow which retailer went online with them. And we also want to be transparent about where we got the information. As far as Harley Benton coverage goes, some of the guitars are just very good for the price. That said, we’ve also reviewed Harley Benton guitars that had a couple of little flaws, or at least aspects that our reviewers weren’t crazy about. Check out our review of the recent Dullahan headless guitars, for example. Anyway, thanks for the comment.

    • Jonny Childs says:

      Agreed. GN is now just Thomann advertising and beyond trust. Check out the recent “10 best studio monitors” post, all with buying links only to Thomann. Aren’t there laws about faking adverts as news any more?

    • Painkiller says:

      Isn’t the website owned by the Thommz? I mean the design.. even the “cookies” warning is almost the same.

    • RD says:

      ” cheap ‘n’ nasty Harley Benton tat” – Do you know who Will Ray is? He’s one of the all time greats (he’s had signature guitar models from both Fender and G&L), and he’s happy with his Harley Benton.

  2. Jesus Christ says:

    These guys are absolutely shameless.

  3. Joey JoJo says:

    You should have also mentioned that this is the long overdue rebrand/refresh of the 23 year-old MIM Deluxe Series.

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