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antelope audio new interface

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Pro audio hotshot Antelope Audio made quite the case for itself at NAMM 2019, muscling in a world-first modeling USB mic and updated AD/DA converters with serious “specs-appeal”. It looks like Team Antelope has been even busier. The January issue of Sound on Sound is all Antelope on the front cover, and looking at it, there’s something potentially very interesting hiding in the dark.

The visual clearly portrays a desktop-format unit equipped with a touch-screen display. The latter shows the same GUI used by other Antelope Audio interfaces, such as the Zen Tour. So there’s a firm chance that the unit in question is, indeed, an audio interface rather than a high-end monitor controller or something. That said, my familiarity with the company’s line-up makes me assume that the unit belongs to the manufacturer’s Zen series of backpack and desktop-friendly audio interfaces, such as the aforementioned Zen Tour and its big bro, the Zen Studio. The slogan, “making moves”, I consider another piece of the portable puzzle.

If I were to have a guess at the interface’s eventual name, my money is on Zen Go. I’m looking at a recent example, the Antelope Audio Edge Go microphone, whose focus is also portability (among other things, of course, such as audio quality and immediacy). There’s also the possibility that this interface is a second-generation Zen Tour. However, it is unusual for Antelope to make drastic visual changes when doing product refreshes. So a new piece is what I’m betting on.

Antelope is busy shipping its new products now, so it will probably be a while before we hear more about the star on SOS’s cover. One thing is for sure, though, Antelope likes to provoke attention and lately, it has been drawing it for mostly the right reasons.

UPDATE: An Antelope representative reached out to inform me that this is, in fact, a dummy cover for SOS’ January issue. The company didn’t shed any light on the product depicted in the visual. However, it is quite clear that Team Antelope is up to something and I still stand by my speculations, for what they are worth.

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thunderbolt 3?


Vaporware on the cover? Are we that desperate for new product? Are we that desperate for headlines?

Shouldn’t it have made the cover when shipped, with news in that issue of what it was, price and delivery date?


I’m not seeing this on any recent cover for SoS, including the issue that is about to be released for March.


Aye, the Yamaha MODX is on the front of the UK January issue.